Nayon Bank will adopt the charter of the Grameen Banking system providing transparent business practice and documentation at every link in the chain, explaining every cost and charge associated with the loan and within the repayments structure. Taking banking to the poor people NOT poor people to a bank,  providing training and assistance will benefit everyone. Transparency is what makes us different, separating Nayon Bank from other institutions – our honesty!

A service provided by Nayon Bank is training, each borrowing group will be trained and nurtured to develop method in their lives, developing the principles of business and borrowing, repayment and regular savings. Improving people’s lives and developing prosperous communities.. The weekly repayment meetings will be maintained for the life of the bank. Staff will train and reinforce banking methods and make suggestions on how the group or individual can improve performance and prosperity.

Training poor people to save for unfortunate and difficult times develops resilience and pride within themselves and the community. The opportunity to save is an experience rarely experienced by these people. When small savings are converted to a share in the bank this develops a sense of ownership and pride as well as dividends into the future. Share holders are encouraged to lead communities and to participate as board members and ultimately, shareholders will manage and control the bank as a Social Business.

Children must attend school, this develops stronger successful communities as children realise their potential, we will develop student loans of poor families to extend their education beyond high school to university. If young girls train in nursing, returning to their village they provide medical and health services improving village life and sustainability. The net gain is exponential.

Money Lenders and Conventional Banks do not provide details of the costs and charges in layman terms. This usually means there are hidden costs or agenda or an embarrassing overcharge they cannot or will not disclose. We have nothing to hide and our policy is to tailor small loans to help the poor people.

Initially the “pay-day” loans and repayments appear reasonable but in reality the interest rates and charges are higher than a clients potential to produce. In most cases they require a new loan to repay the old one….slowly but surely clients slide into the abyss, never ending debit and poverty.

Nayon Bank is a private business, costs must be recovered and there must be a small operating profit for the business to flourish. Our policy is keep the operating profit to a minimum, we will receive our returns from the long term prosperity of our borrowers.

Smiley Inc. will develop products and services to improve the fertility of the land through western technologies and optimised agricultural systems. Scales of economy will compensate the company for any benefits they provide. Loyalty earned by providing an honest recovery system for the poverty stricken and to educate the children from poor families to remove the chance of returning the family to poverty will more than compensate our efforts.

Total transparency is paramount to developing confidence in rural communities and especially the poor, to provide the services for them to take control of their lives. For generations these people have been exploited, forced into subsistence living while the system scorns their existence. This is counter productive for the people and the country..